Suicide in bloom, 30x40 cm

Ritual of the century, 30x40 cm

The dead tree in bloom,30x40 cm.
Private collection

Ghosts notes, 30x40 cm.
Private collection

Echoes of illusions, 30x40 cm

Garden party, 30x40 cm

L'océan dans la remorque, 30x40 cm

Silent plain, 30x40 cm

Damn song, 30x40 cm

Jacuzzi, 30x40 cm

Summertime, 30x40 cm

Aimless, 30x40 cm

Summertime party, 30x40 cm

Shark proof cage, 30x40 cm

Sympathy for the devil, 60x80 cm

The shimmer, 60x80 cm

Low reality, arduino, 60x80 cm

My bloody mary, 60x80 cm

The interval of things, 60x80 cm

Yacht club, 60x80 cm

Pressurized, 60x80 cm

Sound system pulverisator, 60x80 cm

The bilboard, 60x80 cm